Trendy color tones we ordered for you

As we receive new collections to our store, we are in a hurry to share why we chose these shades for you.
Specialists from Pantone describe the tendency to neutrality and naturalness, highlighting as key natural colors and offering to mix dusty colors and fresh shades.
The palette assumes many deep tones of wine and blue, the color of the sea wave and shades of Nude or Butterum.
In the autumn of 2017, buyers call attention to the colors like “Flame”, which is distinguished by brightness and real passion. Scarlet tops and C/meo collective dresses are an excellent component of the cocktail wardrobe or special events, where you will not be left unnoticed.
No natural palette can do without nude tones. This time, experts from Panton have chosen the unusually warm tone of Butterum. It is so universal that it can easily fit into office and work images, as well as in a romantic or evening style. This shade is easily combined with almost any other tone.

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